Thursday, December 4, 2008

One Less Ride Today

My daughter came up to my room last night. "Mom can I ask you something?" I played it off really casual, said sure, and kept working on what I was doing (which was sorting gifts to wrap). In my head I was thinking, what could this be about?

"Can I stay home tomorrow? I feel like crap."

I had to smile at her. We have all been sick in the house and she is no exception. Monday I was surprised she went but I think the after school club was a huge incentive. Tuesday I had to wake her up and she wouldn't look at me the whole ride to school. Yesterday she was just mad I made her go. I knew she felt lousy but I am not offering up the option, she has to learn to ask for what she wants. (obviously if she had a fever, it would be a different story, but a cold ...)

I laid down the law. No computer, no video games. She can watch TV but the idea is REST.

I think she was giddy. Oh to be Fourteen again. I'd love for someone to give me permission to stay home.


So on the whole "mouse warfare" front, I've made little progress. I did buy the poison and it was suggested to me that I could bribe my boy into helping me move stuff and set the bait. I thought this was an excellent idea. Until I brought him in there and he and I both took a listen.

"Sounds like hissing to me" "It does but it will turn into squeaking, after a bit" "Let's not wait for that" He walked out of the space and so did I. I did purchase these sound wave units that are suppose to drive rodents out. (oh you in the back HUSH) While I realize the probability is 99.9% that they don't work, having one in the unfinished room and one in my book nook IS VERY COMFORTING.

I think this is a job for my man. He didn't object.

In other news, I am going to an Art Show tonight at a local library. I'm thinking its going to be boring but I already said I would go.

We shall see.


Sassy said...

Will you give me permission to stay home? I could really use it!

Sassy said...

Hey! What happened to your other posts?!

It's almost Friday! =)

Sassy said...

Nevermind..there was a glitch in the page. haha

I think I'm losing it...

Anonymous said...

Yeah girl, I need permission too!

Wait, I stayed home all day.

Believe it or not, I'm ready to go to work.

Either there or to an art show at the library...

I choose work! :)