Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Almost 11 PM Want to Scream Post

I knew at butt crack of dawn AM this morning, that my day was going to belong. I just had no idea how positively sucky it would end.

Most of the day was business as usual. It all started after work (to clarify here, after my FIRST job but before I went to my SECOND job - that alone I could write a novel on) I came home and wanted to just cook dinner and maybe decorate the tree AFTER.

Note the caps on the AFTER.

Instead, everyone was all excited (I know, cry me a river right?). My son wanted to get right to work, so he got the train out that rides around under the tree. My daughter wanted Christmas music so she figured out how to make that happen, so she could dance around with her stuffed reindeer.

Still trying to get dinner on here. The baby was either picking at the Styrofoam (or maybe eating it, because it was sort of wet) or breaking ornaments. And not breaking them as in glass. I mean taking the tops, where the hook goes and pulling them out. I have no idea how she figured out this annoying little attention to detail, other than she might be her mother's daughter.

I might have mentioned how the houses should come down and go around the train track. Which was a REALLY bad idea because it just confirmed what I had been trying like all HECK to DENY all day.

There is a mouse in my house.

Said mouse is living under the floor boards of my attic storage area. The area I am ALWAYS in. I don't store food but there is always something I need from there, TRUST ME. As a side note, I snuck a visit in there at my lunch break and I heard nothing, so I though perhaps I was simply INSANE (you in the back QUIT LAUGHING!). So tonight, as I needed to go to the far corners of the storage space to get the houses, I heard enough squeaking so that ...

I can deny it NO MORE.

Try and squeeze that conversation in at dinner without alarming the children and then get a lackluster response about the whole thing.

But the show must go on. I will glaze over the fact that the sauce burned while I was digging and/or ignoring squeaking.

We ate it anyway.

Finally after dishes were put away and houses were brought down. The kids? Slapped some ornaments on. The baby? Opened and licked as many candy canes as she could manage before bedtime. And me? I did the actual decorating of the tree.

Ok, so it came out nice and for a brief moment I didn't want to jab forks in my eyes.

7:30 comes quick. I had to get out the door and go to yet another long and drawn out evening meeting (but with pay!) of complaining. There was alot of negativity on the Developer's part and I really feel that HELLO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY plays a big part. That an plow your damn private road when it snows already.


The next topic to come up was the potential and very real possibility that a train stop could end up in walking distance from my house. Now you all can sit there and tell me how beneficial it is to property value and whatever other baloney you might be thinking. But I am living here and I can safely say, I don't freaking want it.

It's my opinion and I am entitled to have it.

Then I come home and the wonderful, glorious, beautiful, wireless Internet that I have is not working. Which is the absolute perfect timing because I need to send myself a BOAT LOAD of files so I can make some semblance of order out of them, tomorrow.

I hate YOU Murphy's Law.

It's all fixed now by a cable. A band-aid really. But it was that or my man had to listen to me HYPERVENTILATE because it wasn't working.

Yes, I am that much fun right now.


Sassy said...


You crack me up :p

My tree took a whole 15 minutes to put up and decorate. haha

How was bootcamp? I still don't see how you do it. 5 am is waaaaay to early to be doing anything, but yawning! =)

Amy said...

holy moly girl. Ya gotta slow down.