Monday, November 10, 2008

Sensory Overload*

*Now with dark crappy pictures.

Today was a big day for my son. He wasn't excited about it. Frankly, neither was I. Dread would be more appropriate. Today, my boy, got a full set of braces.

They cost no less than an arm, leg AND kidney.

Because, my boy has sensory integration issues (which means, certain tastes, smells, sounds or touch will freak him out) the plan was to take the whole braces thing, slow.

He got bands on his back molars two months ago (see slow reference).

Today, it was no less than TWO hours of torture. TWO hours of ME, anxious, watching my son's hands clench into fists, his feet wiggle back and forth, his body tense AND occasionally a moan/squeal combination to get through it.

He did well, all things considered (and by all things considered I mean, he didn't jump out of the chair and run for his life). He knew he didn't have to go back to school. He knew that I understood that he would be feeling out of sorts.

About midway through (think 1:00:00) he looked at me and I could read his mind ... "HELP!" They used this cheek stretcher and I could tell it was getting to him. I got up and I held his hand. I told him to squeeze as hard as he needed to (and he did, how I am typing right now, I have no idea). We (and I do me WE) survived the placement of eight brackets.

He had an array of elastic colors to choose from. Yellow, Black, Clear, Red, Orange, Gray, Green, etc. He picked purple, his favorite color. After a couple wire issues (as it turns out my son requires the LARGEST wire size they make - A "42") it was time to finish up.

The last half hour, drove me to the edge and back. One final bracket to put an elastic on. One final bracket to cause the most difficulty. Pick, twist, poke, pick, twist, poke. Whimper. Then drill off glue. Pick, twist, poke, pick twist, poke. Whimper. More drilling to get off glue. More picking, more poking, more twisting ...

Are you being driven mad yet? I totally was.

I stood up and said ENOUGH. I said STOP. The gal, apologized and said it would be fine, to just leave it. GEE YA THINK?

We go back in six weeks. My boy? Is taking it all in stride. Better than his mother (who feels that tequila shots are in order, like SIX of them)

He got a brand new Right Stuff kit. The same as his sisters (whose I tossed after this lovely comparison photo).

I thought you might like to see a BLURRY picture of what is inside. Heh.

Here they are. Poor lighting and all. I figure that by tomorrow, maybe he'll feel comfortable enough to close his mouth. I am so not kidding.


Amy said...

I remember how that felt in my mouth like it was yesterday. And how crooked my teeth were which made my new braces look horrible. Now they are all trendy colors and their teeth are so nearly straight before they even get the braces on it seems.

He'll adjust and it'll be fine. You were both very brave today.

Sassy said...

That poor boy. I can't imagine what he went through. Having my teeth cleaned drives me nuts!

Ready for a shot? I won't have Tequila though :p