Sunday, November 9, 2008

Falling Back

It would seem I am not the only one struggling with the time change this past week. At first I couldn't put my finger on it. That "out of sorts" feeling. Everything in life proceeds as normal but underneath it all seems like a jumbled mess.

If you can follow that.

It was pointed out to me that the time change probably had something to do with it. Here everything shifts by an hour. Making the early evening dark before 5 PM.

I am not liking it. It's hard to get used to.

This week will probably be better and as I get the kids to go outside and rake wet and sticky leaves with me today I am hoping the fresh air will help as well.

In other news, the latest craze in Mig's house is B~A~R~N~E~Y. The baby, she loves him. And if I let her, she will sit with all her babies lined up in a row (think eight) and watch the show. Over, Over, Over AND Over.

While its cute that she has found a show that speaks to her. It is slowly driving me INSANE one "I love you" & "Have a snack" song at a time.

I am not kidding people.

I've been reading in other places here in blogland that people aren't looking forward to the next two months for any number of reasons, I feel lucky to say that ... I am.

This is my favorite time of year. A time of giving thanks. A time of making donations. A time of surprises. You never know when any of those three things will happen but I find that they come from where you least expect it.


Sassy said...

I'm not looking forward to it. The holidays make me sad. I eat at my mom's on turkey day, just to make an appearance. On Christmas, I wake up alone. I don't have anything to do that day, so I think about what once was. I know, things could be worse. It's just a sad time for me.

I look at others who have families, and joy in their hearts...that's all I want.

Happy Monday to you, Mig! Even though Monday sucks. haha

Anonymous said...

Like you,I like this time of year also and like you, I AM. NOT. COPING. well at all with the time change still!

Amy said...

I love this time of year, but I have to deal with it just so or the joy can be sucked right out of it. All shopping must be done by Dec 1. No mall will be entered past this point. Cards are in the mail around the same time and then I can savor every moment of the holiday. I can go where I want and attend the things I want to attend without feeling like I should be buying or wrapping or writing or, well, being exhausted.

And while I don't know Sassy's situation, I have been through many Christmases alone, I have been through those right after my mom passed away, I have been through them with heartache and pain I never thought I'd get through. The joy will never come from anywhere but inside you. It's there. It's always been there. You just have to release it. Let go of the things holding you back from Joy.

This is the time of year for forgiveness, grace, love, gratitude and understanding how loved we are by the ONE that matters most.