Sunday, October 5, 2008

One Moment In Time

We have known him for about ten years. He had gained our trust over those ten years. He moved to the city for a couple of years and we pretty much lost contract with him.

He started calling us about 6 or 8 months ago. He said he wanted to get out of the bad area and move back to town. We let him borrow $700.00 for an apartment and helped him move all his things from the city to here. We also helped him get an apartment.

We got him a job at my work and gave him a ride to work and back every day. We would even feed him meals sometimes.

One Saturday, he was at our house, he must have unlocked one window in the back of the house. He left his beer in the fridge and a backpack near the window he unlocked. We went to a party that night, he went with us. He left after a while and came back in an hour and then left again soon after.

We got home about 1 AM. We were going to bed when we noticed our lock box missing. He knew there was cash and a prescription drug in it. We also kept all important papers, such as birth certificates, titles, etc. I had a strong feeling it was him. We started checking windows and found one unlocked.

We went to his apartment. I was banging on his door and yelling for him to open it and he was asking who it was. So I said “Just open the fucking door!” He opened the door just enough to look out, I shoved the door open and started yelling “Where is my stuff, I know you ripped me off!” We started looking through his room. He got scared and grabbed his phone. I watched him dial 911. I said “Good, Call the Cops!” We went downstairs to wait for the police to arrive. When the police arrived I told them he had called. They told me to wait there and they went up and found my lock box. I went to the police station to open the box and identify it as mine. I then discovered the container of pills and cash missing. The police asked him where they were. The police recovered all the items.

We later discovered his beer and backpack were gone along with a loaf of bread, box of chips, cookie dough and brownie mix.

I can only think that he has a drug problem to do this to us.

He still owes us $640.00. I hope I can at least get paid back. I also hope he gets the help he needs. I have a lot of bills to pay and any missed time from work hurts me financially. I think he should have to pay for my lost work. It is his fault and not mine.

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Amy said...

wow. Now that's some drama!! What an interesting event.... there's more to this, I'm sure...