Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well HERE I AM. It's Sunday evening and I'm winding down (finally) from a busy weekend, crammed with stuff that was mostly non-productive.

I ended up with a tooth infection last week. I am stalled in the dental process of having an implant put in. This means, my tooth was removed and in it's place there is a metal post in my jaw, a new tooth will eventually be put on it. But. I'm at the post part. The tooth part won't be until next year, as it costs over $1,000 and my pathetic dental insurance won't cover one red cent of it. (I'm not at the point of selling off an arm or leg ... yet)

SO, I have this exposed gum and I eat ... say chips on it ... and then I eat ... steak ... and then it's irritated and THEN it got infected.

Think a big zit. A nasty looking wet zit.

Am I grossing you out? I won't tell you what the dentist did to it, I'll just leave it your active imaginations. But let's just say, some Novocaine later, it was gone completely and in it's place was the top part of the post.

It hurts 'yo. I keep taking Advil but, ow. ow. ow.

When I can ignore that, my daughter got some EXCELLENT news regarding her scoliosis brace. She has outgrown it. Like she needs to be any taller than the 5' 9" that she already is. She no longer fits into this custom made brace that cost us $200 out of pocket, one year ago. The doctor is going to let her take a break and then see her in four months. He thinks her period of rapid growth has past and is willing to see. So cross your fingers for us that her spine stays the same.

The rest of my weekend was spent doing out of the ordinary house stuff. Like trimming bushes, sorting empties (yes more empties) and putting away out door stuff. Inside we are getting ready for Halloween. It will have to be less spooky than previous years. No need to stress out the baby. HA.

Sadly this week is a total zoo. With work Monday and Tuesday nights and my Controversial Committee meeting on Wednesday night, I already want to jab myself with the prop butcher knife.

Caution Tape anyone?

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Sassy said...

Sorry, I have no caution tape. I do wish people came with some caution tape....