Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like A Tooth Brush In The Gutter

Why the toothbrushes all ended up on the deck and one in the gutter is BEYOND ME. I'll just say the baby doesn't listen and leave it at that.


So a friend of mine lent me this book which she loved and she swore up and down that I would love it to. (that alone should have been a red flag) Two pages into it I wasn't impressed but I gave it until page 62 before I called it quits. I had a plan to just LIE when my friend asked what I thought of the book but when the moment arrived, I just said how much IT SUCKED.

I'm so tactful sometimes.

She took it well and we had a good laugh about how what one person loves another person cannot stand it so bad that they want to rip out all the pages and burn them. Not that I feel that way of course. I redeemed myself by mentioning to her how I FINALLY went into the used bookstore that is just three houses down from me. It's been there for four or five years now and I had yet to set foot in the place.

It was alright. I bought a few books but I absolutely loathe that they are stamped on the first page with the name and address of the establishment. How can it be mine if it's marked as someone else's. I'll get over it. I think.

This week so far has been a lot of getting over stuff. Like my 8th grader graduating to High School. I need to get over the fact that not only is she NOT a baby but anything that is her idea that might be perceived as going against her image, will become all my fault and arguing the point of how it was her idea ... will be an effort in futility.

Teenagers. (if you what I'm saying there, congratulations!)

Yesterday I worked my normal 8 hour shift and got a phone call near the end of the day about last night's critical meeting and could I have everything turned in by Monday. Normally that would be fine but having this person call me and CONFIRM it, makes me not want to get it done. As a matter of fact, it makes me feel like I want to procrastinate. Which is never a good thing. What is wrong with me?

Don't answer that.

Tonight, I've got the Controversial Committee Meeting. (insert eye roll here) At the risk of sounding like a broken record .... I ....... don't ....... want .... to .... GO. Thankfully my daughter needs a ride at 8:30 so I can only provide (or donate) an hour of my time tonight.


Friday night I am having bookclub at my house. Sadly supercool JennyJ won't be there. But all of you are invited. We are reading Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. (Yes, I choose a weird and creepy book). She knows I'm bitter about her being unable to attend but that I am trying to be nice because, you know, she has a life and kids and the right to go off and do fun stuff. Tomorrow night I will be cleaning my house like a madwoman. Between the kids missing the toilet (but hitting the carpet dead on) and the dog shedding, I might just loose my mind people.

I'll get through it. I always do.

On a good note, at the mere idea of seeing an orthopedist, my foot? Is recovering. Oh it still hurts and annoys me that I can't run BUT it hurts much much LESS.

Way to save on the $15 co-pay eh?


Anonymous said...

Arging with a teenager is like teaching a newborn to tell you the time. It never works out.

You still have a crapload of functions and meetings to go to?

Glad your foot is getting better

Sassy said...

Your foot is feeling better? It's about time you stopped kicking yourself in the ass! could kick me in the ass, I need it..