Friday, February 15, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

There is nothing nicer than vacation days. I start the day thinking about what I'd like to do and before I even breathe I can come up with ten different things that need to be done.

I ignore nine of them and decide that the jeep really does need an oil change. wipers. a reverse light.

Then I come home and decide today is the day. Yes it is. The day that I will finally sew all the squares together into the quilt I am making for my bed.

Doesn't phase me when I lay it all out, sewing the first few squares to find I measured wrong. Bigger is better than smaller. So I trim and sew. Trim and sew. Trim and sew.

Eat fudge and have a red bull. What???? That IS TOO part of working on a project (Amy, look away).

Then I have a brian fart and sew together two sections the opposite way. I swear bunches and rip out seams thinking it can't get any worse than this.

Famous last words. It does get worse. My sewing machine decides that it wll no longer sew. The bottom stitch that used to be all tight and orderly has become a sloppy mess of thread. I spend the next half hour rethreading it and trying different options. Knowing full well that I did nothing different.

The next half hour. I yell, become frustrated and eat more fudge.

I tried surfing the net to figure out the problem, however, I still have no idea. And all the while I am thinking of something that was said to me, about a week ago.

"With the time and money you spend to get the materials and put it together buying it finished is the way to go."

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