Friday, July 16, 2010

No Squishing Here

I have today off.  So really this endless week after vacation, wasn't all that endless.  I had a leisurely morning and was due to report at the imaging place for a rescan of my "girls".  I had gotten a letter after the last one that they saw something suspicious and wanted to check it in three months.

My own physician got a letter saying that my screening was fine with no problems.

Little conflict there no?

So I sat in the waiting room, deodorant free, reading my latest romance novel when one of the aids came in and called my name.  We walked down this long hallway, which was weird because usually I just go right into the rooms across the way.

My mind was screaming RED ALERT.  But I kept my cool.

As it turns out she just wanted to let me know that there appeared to be no reason what-so-ever for me to be there.  My screening before was fine but before she let me leave, she wanted to double check with radiologist.

Okay by me.  I went back to the waiting room, grateful that my "girls" weren't going to be flattened (your welcome :-) into pancakes with a little twist for good measure.

The aid came back and again escorted me back down the long hallway but this time we left the area and went over to, what I think was, the radiologist area.  I entered a room that showed three or four large screens of women's boobs.  I must admit I WAS STARING AT THEM ALL.  Wondering which one was mine.

The radiologist very kindly told me that she too, couldn't find anything wrong with my previous screening and saw no reasons for me to have another so soon AND SENT ME ON MY MERRY WAY.

I handled it in stride.  I mean, it was nothing a little retail therapy couldn't help me get over.


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