Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's All About The Pump

This whole water in the basement thing? Is. Not. Fun. I actually tricked my brain into thinking that it wasn't deep and that I could just tip-toe through it to get to the corner, where I could assess the situation.
Yeah, tip-toe was more like a giant splash followed by a WAVE of water that lapped back and forth in between the half finished floor and stray wood pallets.
My basement is now a sea of dirt.
As if that isn't bad enough, there isn't a single solitary water pump available in a 200 mile radius around my house. Well, that's not entirely true, there are a couple of models available for the rip-off price of $250+ each.
I think I'll use a straw and a bucket before I pay that jacked-up price.
Instead I did what any sane person does these days. I Facebooked about it. (what? if you were in dire straights, you might do that too ...) And the people who read my stats? Continue to surprise me. A friend of a friend, who happens to be my friend on FB, came through for me.
I repeat ~ came through, for me. I only know this woman from brief meetings at birthday parties over the years.
By 5pm tonight, we had a working pump. Just added a garden hose and before long the entire wet contents of my basement was steaming down the driveway and into the street.
EXCELLENT. Was all I had to say.


Amy said...

WOOOHOOOO!!! Let's hear it for FB!!

Sassy said...

Whew! Gotta love FB!