Wednesday, July 8, 2009

They Are Gone

I woke up at 3 AM today. Dreaming my alarm didn't go off. It was set for 3:30 AM, so I just laid there, thinking about the 45 minute ride to the airport.

By 3:15 AM I was up and in the shower. By 3:30 I was downstairs waking the kids and loading luggage in the car. By 3:40 AM I was back in the kids room, telling them that seriously? They needed to get up.

At 3:45 AM they both appeared, ready to go.

We got to the airport around 5 AM. And much to my surprise, spent the next half hour waiting in line. I was able to get a special pass and go through security.

Little snafu there. The gal who checked us in, somehow missed that I had my toddler with me (how you missing a squirming and loud child, I dunno) so when I got to the gate at security they wouldn't let me and the toddler through.


I had to go back to the Jetblue desk, in a panic (you know because I'm good like that) and get her name written in.

The we could go through. Each of us with our shoes removed. What a joke.

The kids were the last to board and I sat with another mom and we waited for the plane to leave the dock and head to the runway.

We waited even longer to watch the plane take off.

And take off it did. There were eight unaccompanied minors on the flight. The stewardess herded them down the walkway and I could hear her telling them what to do once they got on board.

I miss them already.

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