Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock The Vote

In honor of today's election, here is a speech my son wrote for his English Class. Please note, where he is quoting his "Mom", it is not me.


… I am running for President. As a child I took many years of piano lessons. In High School I was on the chess team. I went to Community College. There, is where, I graduated with pride. My hobbies include reading manga and watching anime. I also enjoy swimming and track. I can help out in many ways. We could try cutting down less tress and try using a little more stone. Our health care could use some sprucing up too. It’s nature’s world we are just living in it.

I believe that the environment is also a very important issue. Se we need fresh air and we need trees to get fresh air. We are also every minute we are cutting down trees we are destroying homes of amazing species of animals. My mom says, “Nature is one of the only places that one can go to get away from our problems.” Nature is the greatest thing we were ever given. But it’s not too late to try and reverse it. Every tree you cut down you should plant another. Maybe try cutting down less trees and try using a little more stone. We need clear air and forests can give it to us. We should try a new tactic for earth’s sake.

I believe health benefits are one of the biggest problems. My mom says “All of these price cut will be kill the hard working man”. I believe companies are being big cheap skates, cutting back on their hours so they don’t get health benefits. Yet everyone in management is keeping their benefits but workers done. My mom says “It’s unfair in all ways” and I agree. If management keeps their benefit than we should keep ours. To make matters worse their killing two birds with one stone, we don’t’ get benefits and we get paid less. What do these people think we are!?! We’re going to be out of our houses and out of a job in no time.

Finally my last topic is taxes. Taxes have to be the biggest cams of all time. I mean can’t the government get its money some other ways. And taxes really put a dent in the money that you’ve made over the month. There are also these annoying sales taxes. It says $29.99 but really its $33.00. Ripoff. I know it’s for a good cause but still.

I hope you got my point of view today. I also hope you get all of the problems I brought up today. However, I can only hope that I get your votes. Then I will do what I must to make this dream reality. But I can’t unless you vote for me. So please, when Election Day comes, make the right choice. I hope I have some sort of influence on your decision. Now please lend a hand. Now god bless every hard worker in this country and god bless America. I hope this impressed you, I bid you adieu.


Sassy said...

Got my vote! :D

jenny said...

"I bid you adieu".

That cracks me up.

Stones don't burn so well in my woodstove, though.