Monday, November 17, 2008

Death By Insantiy

What a day.

Let's just put aside the fact that I spent the entire weekend dealing with the worst sore throat I've had in a very long time. A sore throat that made me miserable.

A sore throat that by the end of today, actually FELT better.

Cue the annoying headache.

That aside ...

Mid work day I hear from daycare. The baby? Here eye is oozing green gunk. They aren't kicking her out but they felt I should know. A quick call to the pediatrician told me two things. One. He was booked solid until closing. And. Two. Without seeing said eye, he prescribed eye ointment to the pharmacy of my choice with the caveat that the baby? Must stay leave daycare and stay out until Wednesday.

Lucky me.

I finished up my day. Told my boss and went to get the cherub. Here eye? SWOLLEN. IRRITATED. Her mood? Fantastically happy. We got her medication and brought her home.

I was met at the door by my oldest. Wanting. Begging. To make cookies.

People. I cannot make this stuff up. I say fine. She will do it all. And she does. And so does the baby. There is flour, there is sugar. There is vanilla and there is butter. EveryFREAKING where.

We can't just have one BATCH. We must make TWO or THREE. I lost count after a while in the haze of mess. I might have popped an Advil or two at that point.

Or it might have been when the baby was on her sixth cookie and babbling from the sugar coma she was about to slip into.

It blissfully came to the end. Of the batter that is. Then I sopped up some spilled juice. Some spilled freeze pop. Set the dog free to lick crumbs. Three plates of cookes later ....

Now I'm sitting here ... feeling better ... and wondering ... what to do tomorrow.

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Sassy said...

Glad you are feeling better. How about a cookie for me?