Thursday, October 2, 2008

The "C" Word

Alright people, I'm here for about ten minutes and I promise not to waste it carrying on and on about how I need sleep ... and how it is interfering with my morning routine or how it cuts into my blog reading/writing time.

Moving on.

Yesterday I did a mail run at work. I love doing the mail run. It's time out of the office, away from the phones, yet its still work.

Do I need to remind everyone that I work with ALL men at ALL times? I came back and was sorting junk mail, correspondence and receivables. I didn't announce that I was back in the office I just went to my desk. Our office space has walls and doors but it's tiny and you can literally yell to each other if you want to.

I hear this.

"C ~* ~U~N~T!"

I can't help myself, I yell back, "HEY I'M HERE YOU KNOW!" The guy who said it came right into my office, twelve shades of red, apologizing profusely that he didn't know I was there, etc. He went back to his desk. He came back and apologized gain. I get it. I get that he didn't mean to say it.

But why is that so offensive? I had to ask myself that. I been in this job for 8 years and no one has said it before, so there's that. I also swear like a sailor, I am not offended by porn and consider myself open-minded.

Yet bandy that word about and I'm put off. I don't get it. It is just a word. A word that makes you feel slimy after hearing it.

I moved on and so should you. The latest in Mig's house is MAGIC. My son came across a magic kit that I had stored away ( I honestly can't remember why we have it ) and he's been entertaining me, the baby, his sister, his dad, the dog and anyone else who will watch with various trick. He does them slow enough that I get how it works and, I have to say, some of them are really neat and I LOVE that he wants to show me them.

Coincidentally, last night he gave me some paperwork for his school's yearly fundraiser (can everyone just open their wallets for me please? I'll only take the $20's). It's a magazine drive and the first stop is to pimp out TEN of your dearest family and friends so that THEY TOO can share in this glorious event only via the POST OFFICE.

As I was filling it out last night (and I still have more to fill in this morning) I realized that by completing this and turning it in, he is eligible for a prize. The prize?

A trick wallet.

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Amy said...

I haven't commented in forever, although I'm here, I SWEAR!!!

Ahhh magic. The occult. LOL j/k

A trick wallet is totally worth pimping out all your friends for. And I promise, I won't subscribe to anything, but I'll still feel like I did my part just by being a recipient!!