Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Keys

The last time I saw them, I was helping my tenant.  (Let's call her H to protect the innocent)  She lives in our first floor apartment with her beautiful twin girls.  Her family was in town (she had just lost her husband, that's an entire post in itself) and they decided shortly after the funeral to take a trip to New York City.  I offered to babysit because, how freaking awful!  Plus the girls are adorable and my five year old loved it!

Anyway, I had this set of keys.  The keychain in white with black lettering.  It goes WAY back to my early career days.  A company trinket give away with the logo but cool none-the-less.  There are several keys on it.  One of them I desperately want .... there is a key to our main door, a key to H's apartment, a 50's type skeleton key that goes to our basement and a key to my husbands room.

That's the key I desperately want.  I'm pretty sure he knows it.  I know he wants it too.  A few months ago I noticed that various areas were "rifled" through.  He asked me about them and I had no idea where they went.  I searched those same areas and couldn't find them either.  I looked again the next day, I looked some more a week later, it was driving me crazy.  I checked all the areas that my youngest frequents.  Purses, backpacks ... keys are fun you know, along with used up gift cards, loose change and beaded necklaces.  those were the things I found.  No keys.

Fast forward to yesterday.  My husband came upstairs and knocked on my door (I put a lock on it and only have the keys, just like he is doing  in the basement), urgently.  I opened it and he explained how H was in a panic, one of her twin girls had managed to close the door and lock her and her sister out.  I should probably mention that the girls just turned TWO.  (My heart just breaks for H, as she grieves for her husband and tries to move on with her life) 

But my husband's behavior was interesting.  Barely eye contact.  Like its so painful to even just see me.  Sucks.  (insert deep sigh here, as this has become my life right now)  Then he pulled out the scale and weighed himself (I did watch, he weighs 195) as he asked if I looked for the keys, found the keys or have the keys.  Nope.  I. Have. Not. Found. The. Damn. Keys.

As it turns out the naughty twin opened the door, when H went back to get more groceries out of her van.

Now don't get me wrong here, he has A KEY.  A single key to his room.  His locked room, which was no big deal before because a) it was his room but I had access b)there was a single spare key above the door frame c)we had the missing keys.

Now that we are barely on speaking terms that key is WELL HIDDEN.  Go ahead ask me?  How hidden?  So hidden that I have probably collectively spent a good hour searching all the various things that are stacked up outside and around the area of the door TO NO AVAIL.

Yet whenever he comes and goes, he is super quick.  Could he be taking the key with him when he goes out?  He could be.  But I don't think so.  At last check the key was tucked into a little area that was in plain sight but spider-webby.  Excellent spot.  Not there anymore.

I must confess here that I actually called a locksmith.  And no, I don't want to pay $85.00 for him to get me in that door.  Nor do I want to teach myself how to pick locks and buy the proper tools to pick said lock.  What can I tell you, It was a rough night and it involved some pretty sad text messages and a lot of tears.

But we were talking about keys right? RIGHT.

I had a revelation (or a delusion) that I put the keys in a safe place.  I see myself thinking about it and tucking them up on the kitchen shelf either behind or in something.   My youngest had seen me use them and pointed out that she had seen them on the key hook upstairs.  This girl of mine is smart and I could see her brain making the connection.  So I know I did something with them. Curse you old feeble mind!

Today I cleaned my walk in storage area.  I thought maybe organizing beach items and preparing yard sale stuff might trigger and A-HA moment in my brain.  This area is my pride and joy storage area.  But it is also a dumping ground (out of sight, out of mind) when things get busy.  Still no keys.

I don't know why I want to get into that locked room so badly.  And I also don't know why he is so insistent on locking me out.

But I'm not giving up and neither is he.

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