Friday, November 26, 2010


The way I see it is there are two sides to Black Friday.  Those who don't care and those who DO.

I'm a doer people (that is TOO a word!).  I think this year was the best Black Friday out yet.  It came with me and my Supercool BFF thinking we could get into Wally World at midnight of Thanksgiving.  Try a big old steaming cup of NOT on that one.  (Per Mass Blue Laws, which is just wrong people.  Wrong!)  We did do a drive by and laughed at those already in line and then we headed over to Target.  She had chairs and a blanket.  We had umbrellas handy (the forecast called for rain and at one point, it did but we were under an awning so we lucked out!)  We stopped and get AMP and REDBULL and snacks and then we sat.

And shuffled forward and sat some more.  Shuffled.  Sat.  Shuffled. Sat.

It was mild outside even.  Previous years meant biting cold wind.   Not this time. 

The longer you wait ... the more you find that .... people you don't recognize become familiar, as you inch forward, and those same people are the ones who hold your spot in line if you have to run to the bathroom or go up the road to get coffee.  And then everyone bands together to keep those who think they can "cut" in line OUT.

By the time we got into the store I think we all were bleary eyed and running.  But there is a thrill at getting your hands on the items you wanted and at a good deal.  For me, it was a great success.

And even better when you get to laugh and chat and laugh and chat with your best friend.

I couldn't have had a better time if I tried.

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jenny said...

I know right? Camped outside of Target in the dead of night (chairs and blankets were definitely a plus) on a rainy November night and I had the absolute BEST time.

Next year we're on!

That is unless you move to someplace warmer. cough*ain't happening*cough