Monday, November 22, 2010

Where I Have Been

Hey There, whoever the random few are that read here, I'm back.
It has been a seriously wacky few months.  I think all has settled now and I'm finally able to get back into a routine.
I've missed you, all.
Where have I been?  Here is the recap.
  1. Lice.  The only one who didn't get it was my man.  I have never experienced this before (can't say that anymore now can I?) and it hit our house hard.  I spent weeks combing and picking out nits, only to have my youngest continue to be infested.  My wonderful hairdresser did an intervention and helped me.  I can now say we all are lice free AND I would totally wish this on my worst enemy.  It's evil.
  2. Stress, over finances.  Its been a tough year, all around for us.  Thanks to my wonderful parents, who keep assisting us.  They make sure our essentials are covered (like a new washing machine, a mattress for my son and paying for our bankruptcy filing).  We couldn't have made it the last few months without them.
  3. My man's back and feet are in tough shape.  We have been in the process of trying to get him on Short Term Disability since August 8th.  We have yet to receive any compensation.  Its very frustrating and we are at the mercy of the Plan Administrator (for his company), the Insurance Company and the Doctor's Office (who sends medical records and fills out needed forms).  We are hoping this week to get some sort of payment.  In the meantime, Physical Therapy and Co-pays are killing him/us.
  4. The Middle Child in the house is have problems his first year in High School.  He is not transitioning well and his peers are jerks.  I am pushing for another evaluation through his therapist and the school has intervened due to some bullying issues.  Not fun.  Lots of worry there.
  5. The Gigantic Craft Fair put on by the mother's club that I am President of was this past Saturday.  It is now BEHIND ME.  So I don't need to fret over details, like volunteers, baking, cash boxes, facility rentals and signs.  This pleases me like you would not believe.
All in all not horrible things but at times very overwhelming.  And if it weren't for the antidepressant I am currently on, I think I probably would have lost my mind by now.

But I'm still here and I feel blessed.  Which is huge.  HUGE.

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Sassy said...

Glad you are back. And for what it's worth I know someone I'd like to throw some lice upon. Did I type that out loud?