Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

  1. I survived 2010.  It just about killed me with all the hurdles and roadblocks and at one point I seriously considered throwing in the towel.  But even in my darkest hours, giving up has never been my style.  So surviving 2010 it is!
  2. My three children.  They each are inspiring to me in their own way and without every realizing it.  I see myself in each one of them and while two would rather die than admit they have my traits, my youngest embraces being like me.  I'll take all of it, wrapped up with a pretty bow and filled with love.
  3. The enhanced reading skills that I have.  I don't often take even a moment to appreciate my own abilities but being able to read quickly has really helped me this year.  I know that I am more efficient because of it and it doesn't hurt that I can read your email, over your shoulder, faster than you can click the red x.  HAHA.
  4. To the new tenants downstairs.  They are rounding out their first full year here and while it was a sort of rocky start for them (she gave birth to twins and her husband had an awful infection in his heart, at one point both were hospitalized) but has since turned out beautifully.  They are really kind and thoughtful and I get to hang with her new little babies for a little bit each day when she goes to pick up her husband at the train station.  Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love babies!  And here's to paying rent in 2011!
  5. I couldn't have survived this year without the Financial Aid of my parents.  Yes, they drive me crazy with my Mom always trapping squirrels and reporting the count to us and my Dad who is slowly loosing his super sharp mind to dementia (read:  instead of using words, he now uses hand gestures).  But they are my parents and they have bailed us out this year.  Buying me a washing machine, mattress, clothing and paying for our bankruptcy filing.  They are the best and I love them bunches for everything they have done.
  6. My health.  As I said in #1, this year has been a rough one and my body has often paid the price for all the stress the year has brought.  But it is and continues to be strong.  Allowing me to lift 5 gallon water jugs with ease and letting me run at three mile stretches.  In return, I have pledged to give up my favorite beverage, Coca-cola to drink more water.  So far, so good.
  7. Friends played a big part for me this year.  You all know who you are.  You mean the world to me and all of you have stood by my side and support me through the crap that I was dealt this year.  I cannot put into words how much I appreciate all of you.  ~someone get me a tissue please~
  8. My job.  Its no longer a challenge but its consistent and I'm employed, so I'll take it.
  9. Books, glorious books.  This year has offered up plenty of opportunities to get get my hands on lots and lots of reading material.  Not only for myself but for my family and friends too.  I have a lovely library filled with lots of reading material, this makes me feel blessed.
  10. Last but not in the least bit, the least.  I am thankful for my husband.  Twenty years of our lives we have shared with each other.  Our road has never been 100% smooth sailing but it has always been ours.  And with this year, marking a significant turning point for us, my man has showed himself to be a man of his word.  He has turned himself around.  He has grown up and he has changed.  I am grateful that we have both decided that each other is worth it and I hope that we continue to grow and love as we have been.

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jenny said...

Where's that Facebook "Like" Button? Because I need that for this post.

I'm so happy that you've gotten to where you are...with your family, with work - all of it. No one I know deserves it more.

Except for what's going on with your dad. Man.