Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post Date This

Three and a half years ago I started the process for a dental implant.  I had a tooth that went bad and instead of going the root canal and cap route, I chose to do the fake tooth, metal root route.  (say that five times fast, haha)  It was pricey but I had already done the scraping of roots on a previous tooth and just let the whole thing go, on piece of tooth at a time.  So this time I decided to remove and fake it.

Big mistake.  See ... my dentist recommended this other dentist that did extractions and implants (which why is that even?  I remember when the dentist did it all in one office, not a completely separate appointment someplace else).  Anyway, I went finally.  Got a price for an implant and did the tooth removal, bone graft (which is as gross as it sounds) and metal post implanted.  Bruised for a bit, I healed.

This dentist was wonderful.  There is IV medication on top of the best Novocaine and a good supply of pain meds just for good measure.  It was all bearable.  I even cut down on my calorie intake for a bit.  Win win.

Until I healed, and saw the xrays.  This metal post looked pretty crooked to me.  But what did I know.  I dutifully went back to my dentist, he saw the xrays and expressed the same thought.  He called the other dentist and explained that he cannot put a fake tooth on a crooked post.  I had to go back to the other dentist ... (are you confused yet?  because that's how I felt after going back and forth between the two of them several times)

Finally, there was much apologizing by the implant dentist, who messed it all up AND there were assurances of a full refund, I just had to make an appointment to get it done.  Fast forward to two years later.  Come to find out this dentist no longer does implants (GEE YA THINK?)  And que yesterday, when I had it removed finally.  Sedated again.  Swollen again.  Thinking having a gap in my molars isn't really a bad thing.

HOWEVER, I did get my full refund.  Can you say hello to CHRISTMAS?  And bill paying even (yes there was that much, implants are expensive!)

So after dreaming about all the things we can check off our lists to purchase this morning, at lunchtime I went to deposit the big fat check.

.... and it's dated November 29th.


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Sassy said...

LOL that's about right. Sounds like something that would happen to me. A few more days and the check shall be good!