Friday, September 17, 2010

In The City

I am taking my oldest girl to the city today.  She has an appointment with her pediatric urologist.  We haven't seen this guy in FIVE years.  Which is awesome because it means she hasn't had any issues.

Until  now that is.  About a month ago, after a long day at the beach, we were sitting at a restaurant when she became very distressed.  When I asked her about it she confessed that she was unable to leave her chair without peeing her pants.

That's bad people.

Thankfully we went to this restaurant in two cars.  So I sent everyone on their way and my girl made a mad dash to the bathroom.  No luck.  She wet herself completely.  I happen to catch her reflection in the tile on the ladies room floor and let me tell you ... its heart breaking seeing your child sitting on the toilet crying quietly.

So I figured it was time to go and visit, which is today's plan.  We will have a nice leisurely train ride in, followed up with an ultrasound and then the big appointment.  I'm not expecting this to be bad.  I don't think there has been any sort of relapse.  I really just think, my daughter is being a teenager and not taking care of herself the way she should be.

And yes, I do hope the doctor tells it like it is because I really think she needs to hear it from him.

*edited to add:  Our appointment went just as I expected.  She is doing just fine, she has healed beautifully from her surgery.  He did talk to her about "self abuse" and that she needs to use the bathroom more frequently and drink way more water than she has been.  Yay!!

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