Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I really love how smoothly the first day always goes.  The kids are up early.  Bags are packed and ready to go, clothing is new or relatively new, breakfast is served and we make it to drop off in record time (see "early" reference).

This might last for a bit and then all toooooo soon it will be the mad rush to get to out the door everyday.  Only to wait in the queue to get the kids to school over and over again, like that movie Groundhog Day.

I think my favorite part of the morning was the conversation I had with my youngest girl as all the kids rode in my jeep ...

"Could you be any cuter?"

"I am not cute, I'm SERIOUS."

"Hey you didn't say I'm not a 'puter, like you did the other day."

"Because I heard what you said, this time." ~giggles~

My youngest was ohsoexcited that her brother and sister are back in school.  She had the hardest time, this summer, wrapping her head around the fact that they got to stay home everyday and she still HAD to go to school.

I'm telling you guys, right here and right now, I'm doomed when she becomes a teen.  Doomed I tell you!

*What my oldest daughter, who is a Junior this year, was calling her brother instead of Freshman.

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Sassy said...

Yep, she is gonna be a handful lol