Thursday, September 2, 2010

Errands, Errands and More Bleeping Errands

My Day ~

8:16 AM - Drop off pre-schooler and hit grocery store.
9:15 AM - Buy nothing with any nutritional value yet still spend $117.00.
9:20 AM - Attempt to get books on hold at the Library, find Library doesn't open until 10 AM.
9:21 AM - Spend a minute being annoyed about this.
9:25 AM - Hit the bank to make deposits.
9:30 AM - Home, unload groceries.  (teen slaves are the best!)
9:45 AM - Wait for Mother to arrive.
10:01 AM - Say hi to Mother and make idle chatter, while waiting for teenage girl to get ready.
10: 05 AM - Check on said teenage girl.  Still not ready.
10:10 AM - Check, again, on said teenage girl.  Still not ready.  Get attitude.
10:15 AM - Storm into teenage girls room to see what is taking so long, find her sitting on the bed not realizing it was time to go.
10:40 AM - Arrive at Department Store.
10:42 AM - Look at Skinny Jeans in size 5.
10:45 AM - Hanging in dressing room hoping to catch a glimpse of Skinny Jeans being modeled.
10:48 AM - Admire a beautiful 16 year old fitting perfectly in Skinny Jeans.
10:49 AM - Die a little of jealousy.
10:50 AM - Find more skinny jeans to be tried on.
11:00 AM - Get a report from my Mother that there are no clothes or sneakers of interest to my son in this store.
11:01 AM - Gnash teeth.
11:05 AM - Check out with three pairs of girl jeans and four printed T's.
11:10 AM - Enter Target and find acceptable boy clothing.
11:30 AM - Check out and head to lunch.  Everyone is cranky.
11:55: AM - Eat.
12:40 PM - Stop at Sneaker Store for sneakers.
12:59 PM - Stop at local office supply store, for supplies.
1:26 PM - Hear my checkbook sobbing, call it a day.

1:50 PM - Say Good-bye to Mom.  Head out to hit the Redemption Center and Library, Drug Store and pick up forms..
2:45 PM - Remember I have a hair appointment at 3 PM. 
3:40 PM - Leave hair appointment, stop at Post Office and pick up Preschooler from daycare.
3:45 PM - Declare tomorrow a Bacation Day (that's what she calls it) and plan to spend it in PJ's.
4:00 PM - Head home.  Woot!

(later after watching hurricane updates and probably over-thinking it, run out to home improvement store for surface pump.  Just in case the basement floods, again.)

10:00 PM - Watch my favorite show, JERSEY SHORE.  Laugh at the drama.
10:30 PM - Watch the after show special.  Laugh at the awkwardness they brought on themselves.

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