Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Round and Round We Go

It bothers me that I am taking my daughter to doctors for hair loss and none of them know what the heck is going on.  We were seeing an endocrinologist (think of him as a blood guy) and he ordered blood-work, the same blood work that the pediatrician ordered when we went to see him about this.  It was suggested that we see a dermatologist (skin person) for further investigation.

I will admit that the dermatologist did get her teenage acne cleared up but the hair loss is still a mystery.  The loss is at the temples and her top layer of long hair covers it.  Now, I will also admit that I stretched the truth a bit about us going back to the endocrinologist to the dermatologist (don't try and say that five times fast).  I nodded enthusiastically when the dermatologist asked if the endocrinologist found nothing wrong with the blood test results that she had done.  Everything on those tests were within normal limits.

Because I am TIRED of being passed around on this whole issue.  (the endocrinologist told us to see the dermatologist and the dermatologist told us to go back and see the endocrinologist) HELLO PEOPLE.  There is HAIRLOSS in a teenage girl and someone, somewhere MUST have some sort of explanation for this that isn't shown in blood-work.

So now we are going to see a hair loss specialist, which its about freaking time!  $150.00 in co-payments and we are finally making some progress.


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