Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bad Kareoke

Tonight marks the first outdoor show since the spraying of the mosquitos.

There was no band tonight.  Because I am having such a craptacular week over here at casa-de-mig's I forgot to follow up with the band ... say on Monday ... and Tuesday ...

So it was Wednesday when I followed up.  And found out that the "band" though ALL the shows were canceled.  Yeah.  So ... ummm .... that was fun.  Scrambling to find some sort of replacement.

Which I did (so Yay!) but it was a guy that did Karaoke.  The crowd was tiny (haha!) and I was embarassed.  BUT ... my youngest?

Had the best time.

1 comment:

Sassy said...

Your youngest had the best time?

Priceless. :)