Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I hate how life is good at reminding you that you hang on a proverbial shoestring.  You are moving along at a steady clip.  Taking all those little things that are tossed at you in stride.  Tackling hills and mountains of difficulties and constantly never once getting your ass kicked.

And then someone you know.  Not necessarily a close friend but an acquaintance or fellow co-worker has something awful happen to them.  Like losing their spouse in an abrupt and preventable manner.  Right at that moment, when you hear the news, it puts your life in perspective.

Suddenly that horrible credit score doesn't matter.
The fact that your entire vacation was a shut-in because your youngest had the flu.
That the gutters on your house are growing giant trees because they haven't been cleaned in years.
The need to hug your children tight, NOW.

You are faced with the reality, that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.  Each day needs to be treasured and not spent dwelling on things that cannot be changed.  Smell those roses ... thorns and all.  Breath in that smog filled fresh air.  Give thanks.

I have a memorial service to attend this week.  Not the usual wake or funeral.  It is for the wife of the Chairman of one of my groups.  She was 43 and had three children.  Her first two were from a previous marriage.  Her youngest is five.  Only a week or so ago, she suffered a miscarriage.  Her death was caused by choking and it happened to her when no one was around to witness it.  To help her.  Her body was found on the pavement, bloodied as she tired to get to someone, struggling to breathe.  My heart breaks for their family.

Totally. Sucks.

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Sassy said...

That is so sad. It does make me appreciate each day. After reading this post, I don't think I will dwell on anything today.

Sorry *hugs*