Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweat List

Up here it's not the heat ... its the humidity.  And humidity is 100% today with an excellent chance of thunderstorms.  Since we have only fan power downstairs, I think I'll be sweating alot as I do the following things:

  • Clean the cat area (litter box, food dishes, water dish, carpet and lots of lysol spray).  My youngest asked me today if she could have the youngest cat.  I explained to her that she could, but really they are ALL my cats.  I'm the one who really cares for them.  ~sigh~
  • Sweep a weeks worth of dust and grime out of the hallway.  I might get ambitious and wash the steps even because it just smells in there.  What a greeting.  Come to my house and your are first greeted by the smell of dead rat farts, that really are my son's shoes (he wears them with no socks, size 11).  No amount of Sense N Spray placed in strategic areas make this situation any better. ~sigh~
  • Put our two bathrooms back together again.  They are laden with wet towels, hair, grime and overflowing trash bins.  And I'm glad the toilets can't speak because ... well you know.
  • Mop the kitchen floor.  I think the dog has peed on it three times now and I didn't clean up any of those messes.  Scary that I keep getting faint whiffs of missed spots.
  • The mountain of this weeks laundry.  Consists of mostly shorts, shirts and socks.  Lots of towels thanks to the bathroom cleaning.
  • Set up the kiddie pool so my youngest can enjoy it (love the water play) and when I need to take a break from all of the above list, I can sit with her and she will gladly pour water over my feet and legs.
  • Sort of makes it all worth it.

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