Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stealing: MeMe Of Many Odd Questions, Part One

1. First thing you wash in the shower?  My hair.

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?  black.

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?  Absolutely.  She is only three and needs LOTS of kisses.

4. Do you plan outfits?  If by planning you mean try on everything in my closet and hate how all of it looks on me, then YES.

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?  Good, considering this is the Monday back after a week long vacation of sucktastic illness.

6. What's the closest thing to you that's red?  Fabric.

7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?  I had weird crime solving dreams last night.  I attribute that to the book I'm reading.  Grave Site.

8. Did you meet anybody new today?  Can't say that I did.

9. What are you craving right now?  Chocolate, it has it's evil hold on me.  I hate it.

10. Do you floss?  Yes, when I remember.

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?  Fucking disgusting. 

12. Are you emotional?  I sure am and don't ask me about it or I might cry.

13. Have you ever counted to 1,000?  No and I don't plan to either.

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?  I'm a licker.  HAHA.

15. Do you like your hair?  I have always liked my hair.  For whatever reason, it generally looks decent with little to no effort.

16. Do you like yourself?  I'm harder on myself than anyone and sometimes, I just don't like me.

17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?  Ummm no.

18. What are you listening to right now?  Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.  What?  It's on TV.

19. Are your parents strict?  Yes, but I found ways around it.

20. Would you go sky diving? Hell no.

21. Do you like cottage cheese?  I have never tried, I can't get past how it looks.

22. Have you ever met a celebrity?  Yes, David Hasslehoff at Indianapolis 500, years ago.  I even have his autograph.  I know you are all jealous now.  He was there with his car, KIT.

1 comment:

Sassy said...

LOL you crack me up

I like the Kardashians. And I don't like me sometimes either.

We should start a I don't like me sometimes club. HA!