Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday BLAH!

I think the Monday immediately following your one-week vacation should be completely BANNED.  I'm serious people!  You come back to work, already grumpy because you had to, GET UP and actually get back into the routine of a normal person.  (the days of rolling out of bed in pj's and staying that way are over, sheesh)

So by the time I'm strolling up the walkway all I can think about is STRESS.  The office is just laden with chocolate and cherries stress right now.  Throw in 20 or so legitimate emails I needed to look at and respond to, voice mail that I need to clean out (I am just now remembering that my message still says I'm on vacation, Whoops!) and a stack of papers a mile high in my in-box and I'm already wishing it was Friday.

Oh yes I AM too wishing it was Friday.

On the plus side my youngest is feeling so much better.  I can tell this by the sweet way she demands makes requests for food or juice.  But she has a delightful smile and I hadn't seen it for a week.  So just getting a couple of those today, made it better.

But not by much.

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