Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's My Neck

I got a promotion at work yesterday.  Well, let me re-phrase that.  It's more like additional responsibility and it comes with a hefty price if I fail.

My neck, apparently.

I get that my Boss wants to hold someone responsible, when we are inspected, audited or records are requested and with some recent management changes, its became clear that someone needed to be "assigned" the task.


I said yes without thinking and had planned on doing some of it myself anyway (it would just make my life easier), I didn't expect ALL OF IT to rest on my shoulders.  I also didn't expect my boss to be so graphic about the neck part.  Watching him choke air as he makes a joke about it, isn't pleasant, when it really is your own.

But it's more money for me and we need that desperately at this point, so what else can I do?

1 comment:

Sassy said...

Not much especially when you need the money. Good luck to you!