Saturday, July 10, 2010

Camping or BUST

You know, life is always a learning experience.  And if it's one thing I know, its that the older I get, the less tolerant I get of chaos.  Other people's chaos that is.  We made it down to the campground last night.  A beautiful pine grove campground.  The campsites weren't right on top of each other and, as a bonus, we were right across (but far enough away) from the bathrooms and showers.

The tent went up pretty quick, coolers were brought out and before too long, dinner was prepared.  Three girls all four and under, giggled and squealed in the tent, jumping on the air mattresses and causing general chaos.

It was very sweet.

By 10 pm everyone was settled and sleeping.  I stayed up to read and in general was enjoying myself.  Feel asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Today was a WHOLE different ball game.  Today it rained.  RAINED.  Rained cats, dogs and elephants.  While we sat huddled outside under a tarp that I can only image stayed tied to the trees because they were properly knotted by one of the Mom's husbands who happened to stop by and put it up before he headed off to his job.  The rain came and one of the Mom's left with her girl.  She wasn't waiting around for more of it.

I waited.  By the SECOND rain storm that had high GUST winds I had to bail.  The girls didn't even notice the rain, they were busy stepping on any available clean spot with their dirty shoes, in the tent.  Alright, I do realize that this is what happens when you camp things get DIRTY.

I can't handle that either.  Things. getting. dirty.

Anyway, we came home for the night.  I do plan on going back tomorrow, if nothing else, to help pack up.

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Sassy said...

Just camp inside the house! That way you are protected from water, bugs, and dirt. lol