Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waiting To Jog ....

I am so glad it's mid-week.  This Friday is the last day before my VACATION.  A whole week of not really any plans but lots of stuff I'd like to do none-the-less.  Throw in a mix of good weather and the family being in a good mood ... and whola! 

It's a week away from work ~waves to boss~ and I'm so glad to be out of there.  Away from the stress.

Right at the moment I'm waiting on a call ... to meet a friend ... at the gym.  I'm spending a whopping $10 that we don't really  have in our budget to work out at the local YMCA.  See ... I'm a secret treadmill whore.  I know you are surprised ... but don't tell anyone ok?

I've spent the last two days running on pavement, doing a three mile walk/jog loop around my house and my knees and feet are ready for some soft cushiony treading.  Not this awkward maneuvering around tree roots and cars that hang at the end of driveways.  AND, where I can watch a red dot go around an imaginary track and see myself making progress.

What can I say ... I like it.  And as goofy as it sounds, I'm hanging on my phone waiting for her to say she is ready and head on over.

Just like I am ready for it to be Friday!  Today.

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Sassy said...

That's what I need to be! A treadmill whore!