Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tough Tuesday

I think that the Tuesday after a holiday is always a difficult day.  You have that extra day off and probably spend it eating extra food and watching extra TV.  All that excess means Tuesday ... blah.

Obviously you get through it and all that jazz and life goes on.  And before you know it, it's Wednesday and that means Friday is just around the corner.

People call that wishing your life away.  I call it, longing for the constant weekend.

I made some changes here to my blog.  Nothing noticeable on the surface, just some changes to my "feed" and I am now allowing the web crawler to visit me.  I'm done hiding myself these days.  I've decided life is too short for that.  If my boss really wants to read my daily drivel ~waves to boss~ he can.  It just makes him creepy.  Not me.

I'd like some exposure.  I'd like some comments.  I'd like to hear from people who are out there who happen to come along to my little corner of the world and find something funny ... or something that they agree with (or not agree with, whatever) and that isn't going to happen if I keep myself tucked away.

I'm willing to take that chance, again.  Change is in the wind for me.  And I'm excited to see what happens.


Sassy said...


*:p to your boss*

Amy said...

How about comments from those of us who love what you write and just haven't been on blogger in forever!? I hope this will suffice for that category!! :)