Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out Of Left Field

I received this in my email box from a friend that dates back to my EBF (Ex-Best Friend) days.  She sent it on Saturday morning.  I was surprised to hear from her until I read it.


"I don't know how much you know about what is going on with my husband and I, but we have split and I got an apartment in our town that I will be moving into this week. My middle child wants to stay with my husband which I am good with because they have a connection that will be good for the both of them to get through this. I do not think my husband has said anything to anyone so please if nothing has been said to your husband, let him tell, and he will when the time is right. This has been very amicable to which is what we wanted for the kids sake. My husband is a good guy but we just aren't happy anymore or if ever truly happy. You know our history it was just a matter of time. My oldest child was not shocked at all and 100% supportive with my decision. My middle child is hurt, the youngest is ok he's young. I do want to spare him any embarrassment at work, so please if you and your husband talk about it please have your husband keep it discreet at work for my husband. Thank you "

I've know this couple for eighteen years, I knew them as individuals, I knew when they first met as a couple, I was there for the wedding.  I haven't seen them, hardly if at all, in the last five years now.  Am I surprised really?  I guess I'm not.  I think she felt compelled to tell me, albeit at the last minute, because we all were planning on going to an incredibly boring event wedding shower and I was thinking they would both be there.  Actually I was looking forward to seeing her.

We did attend the event and her husband (I'll call him G) was indeed there.  He brought his son.  The youngest.  He is seven now.  The last time I saw him, he was two.  I watched G act completely normal.  At one point one of the work guys was there with his three month old baby.  G couldn't get enough of the cute little bundle and said "he'd be talking to his wife about more." And he winked.

He hid his pain well.  Making us laugh the entire time as we sat at the "work" table, essentially by ourselves.  I found myself studying him.  Years ago there was some speculation that he might be gay.  It caused a stir in our suffocatingly tight knit group when he was showing some porn of that nature to the other men in our crowd, which struck a few as "odd".  This tied in with the low libido that we heard about and the begging for it that yielded nothing but frustration.  As I sat and stared watched his interactions with others I still had no idea one way or the other. (although he was very knowledgeable about woman's shoes)

In the end ... I just felt sad for them and their three kids.

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Sassy said...

Definitely feel bad for the kids. I wish them all well.