Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nothin' But Work

Its a double work day for me today and I'm cranky.

What else is new right?  (you in the back be quiet!)

I am finding old people very annoying.  In the past week I've had to deal with them on three different occasions (not including dealing with my own parents).  The first annoying guy is working on advertising for this upcoming concert series that I am booking bands for.  I get that he needs to know what the line up is and I am working on it.  But emailing me constantly asking for updates?  Gets under my skin.

I did reply nicely to him and I'm sure that will satisfy him for at least the next 24 hours.

The second annoying guy I have to deal with at work.  He was not my choice.  My choice was actually a more laid back individual who I think I would have gotten along with swimmingly.  But my boss trumped that and now I'm stuck with Mr. Sticklerpants.  (I'm not going into details but just trust me on this one).  Who sends me emails, lecturing me on stuff I am not doing for him.  Granted he is nice in the way he words them, but I get the underlying meaning.

The third annoying person is my next door neighbor.  Our shared fence has a rotting post and it seems to me that each time I am outside when she is, there is discussion on fixing that post.  This last discussion we had went something like this ....

"Can your husband fix this post here, the fence is leaning again."

"He looked at it, it's rotted."

"Should I bring someone in to fix it and we can share the cost?"

"No, I can't afford to pay for someone to fix it."

"I can see how, with three kids, you not having the money to do it.  I'm on a fixed income myself." (gee thanks for your consideration.) "Well can we take some rocks and put them on your side prop it back up for now?"


Now I know this isn't going to work.  The fence post is rotted.  No amount of propping up the fence is really going to save it in the end.  But for the moment, it solved what she is seeing on her side.  Course on my side, I get to look at a stack of stone.

I realize that someday I too will be old and annoying to people younger than myself.  But when I've got a million plus one things going on in my life, I am not thinking nice thoughts when I am helping them with their requests.

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