Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Notes From Earlier

As I sit in the world's longest snoozer of a boring meeting, in a back row by myself, I am thinking about ~

  1. Dexter Season II
  2. Eating FAR TOO MANY peanut m&m's and how that under minded my plan to eat health today.
  3. What the Superintendent of Schools person in front of me thinks of this Information Technology presentation.
  4. How many days are left until Friday (2).
  5. Did I leave the A/C running?
  6. World Peace.
  7. Any sort of dinner plan for tomorrow night.
  8. The four, close knit little red bumps in a cluster on my elbow.  Upon closer inspection scratching I have determined it is not hives or some sort of food allergies.  Verdict ~ mosquito bites.
  9. Needing to reschedule my son's therapist appointment for tomorrow night so I can just stay home.

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