Monday, June 28, 2010

A Monday Pictoral (Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter)

Super hot here today.  That top # is the inside of the house.  No A/C downstairs.  Sweat city.

I broke the bar on the fridge today trying to put that gallon jug of apple juice (see top bar) I totally was so not was so careful putting that big heavy bottle on the shelf without any attitude and I have no idea why it would have collapsed like it did.  Now it's just an illusion (I suggested duct tape to hold it on) of a shelf.

For good measure when the bar let go, it let go of everything that was on the shelf.  Which is this pitcher full of GRAPE KOOL AID.  That's right folks, all over the floor right in front of the fridge. 

But WAIT it gets even better!

I got to clear out my junk drawer.  You know what I'm talking about ... the drawer where every possible stray thumb tack, nail, tape, candles, batteries, pens, tools, etc hang out in a jumbled mess.  (Yes, even my house has a drawer like that ... although now it's all tidy and organized, HA)

I'm sure you are now wondering why?  In the chaos that was my drawer I saw this.  Look closely my friends and you will see what look like teeth marks.  And I can tell you definitely that the black mark, is actually extrement from none other than a mouse.

A tiny mouse.

That I am now attempting to poison.  I FEEL SO BAD.  But what can I do ....

At least I have my assistant on the job.  Right?

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Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist! :p

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