Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Voice Post MeMe

1) What's your middle name? Marie. The opposite of my Mom's, which is Ann.

2) How old are you? I'm 29. (plus 11) AHEM.

3) Where are you from? Are you living there right now? I'm am from here and I have lived here all my life. The lovely state of Taxachusetts.

4) Is it cold where you are? Not today. It's humid and sunny. I'm loving it.

5) What's the time? It's 5:44 pm and I have no desire to make anything for dinner. I don't care how hungry my teenagers are.

6) What are you wearing? My old maternity shorts (they are super comfy) and a faded Coca-Cola t-shirt.

7) What was the last thing you listened to? My son and his two friends talk about the new Shrek 3D movie and make all sorts of jokes that were related to the movie.

8) What was the last thing you ate? Chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Borders. Luv.

9) What was the last thing you watched on TV? I'm watching Torchwood. It's incredibly overdue at the Library (like they are close to making me pay for it) but I don't want to return it until I finish watching it. I'm over halfway done. It's an evening of TV.

10) What's your favorite tv show? Why? The talk show Ellen. I can't watch it everyday and it makes me sad (we have no fancy-schmancy DVR anything) so I try and watch it each time I have the day off. I love everything about her and enjoy all the antics.

11) Quick! Find a book, or something with text on it! Flip to a random page and post the second paragraph's first sentence. "I'm not finished with my year, so I'm withholding judgment."

12) What was the last movie you saw? How was it? The Hangover and it was so incredibly LAME!

13) Do YOU think you have an accent? Where do people in your country do people speak with strong accents? Since I have lived her my entire life, I am 100% certain I have the classic Bostonian accent. However, I would like to believe that I am able to hide it, but only as long as I'm paying attention to it. Once I get excited or annoyed ... my 'r's? Total disappear.


I am Harriet said...

It'll be real scary when my daughter turns 29 and I'm still saying that :)

Have a great week!

Sassy said...

I thought the hangover was LAME too.