Monday, May 10, 2010

Sue Me ...

In case anyone was wondering, I'm still struggling with the whole foot issue with my man. I'm struggling with some other stuff too ... but not the point.

We talked about unemployment options, on Mother's Day no less. Disability isn't an option either, having missed open enrollment.

It all weights heavy on my mind, as I watch my man limp around the house this weekend. Putting on his work boot is painful. If I were him, I'd want that thing out of my foot, quickly. Every choice we have (and there are no choices right now) is wait.

Waiting sucks. Saving sucks.

*Disclaimer: Boss, I am hereby notifying you in advance that I am and will be talking about work. SUCK IT UP*

One of my many hats in my job is payroll. I know every one's salary. I know about all the "deals" (or lack thereof) going on. With the economy tanking, so have any extras for me. No raise for three years either.

Three years people. It's not like I make very much money. 3% equals $10 a week for me. I feel like I should be paid more. I know I could do more. These days I find myself fantasizing about working in a big office, with reviews, quarterly bonuses, cafeterias and opportunity. Of course there is a trade off for that. Limited vacation/sick time.

But I digress ....

There I was ... early afternoon ... working my way through payroll, as I answer the phones, entertain countless interruptions from the guy across the hall when I come to a slip with $XXX for our new Plant Manager. He's been there less than three months. I've been at this company for ten years. He gets a bonus bigger than what I got for Administrative Professionals Day.


I feel my face heat up ... my eyes water ... my throat gets tight. I have to get up and pace around my office. I'm sad. I'm frustrated. I'm annoyed.

Life is so hard sometimes.

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Sassy said...

You too, huh? I've been at my job for three years and found out that they hired someone in making more money than I and doesn't do half the crap that I do! I know how you feel. It's BS. It really bothers me.

Ask for a raise!

I will keep your husband in my prayers and you, of course.