Saturday, May 8, 2010

The President's Saturday List

  • Wake up sleeping teenagers (my daughter and her two friends)
  • Wake up preschooler.
  • Take out Umbrellas
  • Head out to Open for the Yard Sale at 7:15 AM.
  • Arrive at Sale at 7:36 AM (had to feed hungry, sleepy teenagers)
  • Curse the rain.
  • Curse the Thunder & Lightening
  • Find that there are people waiting in their cars.
  • Open sale.
  • Make sales until about 10 AM.
  • Become incredibly bored.
  • Watch clock until 12 PM.
  • Take teenagers and preschooler home.
  • Come back with pick up truck.
  • Continue with being bored.
  • Curse rain some more.
  • Welcome couple who are taking what is left over.
  • Except stuffed animals.
  • Which we have a gigantic trash bag FULL of.
  • Decide what to do with TV that didn't sell.
  • Watch my VP (I love having a VP) sweep the floor.
  • Take all trash, aprons and cash with me.
  • Go home and watch the sun come out.
  • Curse mother nature.
  • Total yard sale proceeds $481.90.

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