Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Hope Its Not A Sign

It's already begun. The madness of the upcoming Presidential Yard Sale (my title!). I was sitting at my desk today, at work thinking about the next couple of days and the details I was forgetting ... when I remembered something ....

.... very important ....

That the key I need to get, the one that allows us access to the building where my Presidential Yard Sale is held, would only be available today. The main office is closed on Fridays.

Why this dawned on me, at 11:30 AM the correct day before, I have no idea. But I'm so freaking glad it did.

Otherwise we'd of been SCREWED.

So I got the key and counted my lucky stars (and my brain) for remembering that teeny detail. Shortly after that I got a reminder through email about a very important phone call that I needed to make. This had to do with the clean up, the most pain in the ass and longest part of the day. You know, when you are already beyond tired and cranky. I'm sure if I hadn't gotten the email, I would have remembered but this person gave me additional detail, so when I made the phone call to inquire, I got exactly what I needed.

Awesome right?

Later on in the day my VP (I actually have a VP now) and I went over to a Dad's house and picked up donations for the sale. Eight bikes of various sizes. He graciously loads my truck up and does a fantastic job fitting a hockey net on the very top (with a giant hole in the net and all sorts of sticks and leaves weaved in there too). You never know right ... but ....

Eight bikes. (in the back of my head, I already know there will be two more bikes, mine!)

In all the years I've been doing this sale, we might get three or four bikes in total. Now we've got ten bikes in total. Ugh!

Ten bikes and a forecast of RAIN for Saturday.

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jenny said...

When you said you had to pick up the key b/c the town hall was closed tomorrow I had NO idea. I thought it was something to do with YOUR town hall and one of your meetings and I was all "hey, now they're closed on Fridays too?".

I'm such a dip!