Monday, April 19, 2010

Weird Monday

I almost wore my slippers to work this morning. By just a chance I happen to look at my feet before I got into my jeep (think everything else was in the car but ME) and saw them.


Then I drove the way that I take my son to school. Except my son doesn't have school this morning, which I knew and was trying to remind myself but forgot once I saw my slippers.

And Then I spent the day having to ask everyone I talked to on the phone for their name TWICE. Because I wasn't hearing it the first time? Because everyone was talking like they were in jello? Or I wasn't listening? So if you spoke to me, you had to repeat yourself. (Note to self: Men do not have the patience for it.)

Thinking caffeine was the solution, I had some FOCUS. A mix you add to a bottle of water, infused with fruity goodness and said caffeine. I mixed myself some and proceeded to drink up.

It didn't help, AT ALL. Instead from that point on, if I spoke to you on the phone, I need to follow up my first phone call with two more phone calls to finally figure the whole thing out. After a few rounds of that I was hungry.

Lunch did not help at all and went entirely too fast.

I trudged through the afternoon and finally get myself and my youngest home. Where I was greeted with two over-enthusiastic teenagers wanting to make dinner for us. Bonus right? Absolutely, except the entire recipe involved nothing we had in the house (well we did have a few of the spices.).

So I took two teenagers and my youngest to the grocery store, which was busy and in direct relation to how much flipping out there was to be done by my unwillingness to buy copious amounts of chocolate. (I have ruined my youngest, SO NOTED!)

Finally we went home. And there was much busy-ness in the kitchen. As I sit here now I'm trying not to think about all the plates, pans and utensils that were strewn about my once clean kitchen and how all of it will get cleaned up.

Dinner was delicious (but a tad cold) and so very thoughtful.

However, I still feel as if my brain is made of fried oil.

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Sassy said...

Sweet kids!

Wearing slippers to work sounds nice.