Monday, April 5, 2010

I Did It For The Sweatshirt Really ...

I borrowed another Mom's pass and went into the Anime Convention. I have to say, this year I wasn't as impressed by the hoards of people in various states of dress. Wait, I think already said that ... or implied it.

What I did like, was something one of the Mom's had done. She signed up for this. They gave her some goodies in exchange for six cheek swabs.

You know how sometimes in life ... you feel compelled to do something. Can't explain why. You just know, deep inside of you, that its the right thing.

I felt that way when she was telling me about it. So on Day #2, with a pass bearing the name "Betty" (not her real name but we sure did tease her about it) I went over to the kiosk and took an application.

As I answered the basic questions easily. The family history part? I can't answer at all. I left it blank. I turned in my semi-complete application and within minutes a young guy sat with me to review it.

"So you have no family history?"

"That's right."

"You are adopted?"

"I am."

"And you don't even know your origin?"

"Does Adam & Eve count?"

"~laughs~ ~leans in toward me~ Seriously? You have no idea what origin you are even?"

"Mine was not an open adoption. I don't even have an original birth certificate, only certification from the Town Clerk that I was indeed born on that date."



"Well, make something up then."

"Er ... okay." "German."

"Sounds good to me."

It was sort of surreal the whole conversation. It takes me by surprise when people honestly don't understand how I can have no idea about that part of my life and be okay with it. But I am, okay with it.

Anyway, I did my cheek swabbed, got some goodies too and was on my way in under ten minutes. And since the day I did that, I have a nagging feeling, intuition, dejavu that I will be a match for someone.

We shall see.

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