Monday, April 12, 2010

Eyebrows are Funny!

I'm reading this book, well, actually I'm always reading A book ... but this one has a part that is worth sharing! (and it isn't x-rated even, so yay!)

As a side note, my youngest came out with a little tidbit saying "eyebrows aren't funny" and nodded her head up and down with a serious face.

I could see if we had been talking about faces, noses, drawing or something like that. But we were in the living room and she just came out with it and added how her teacher told her that.

Alrighty then.

Fast forward to my reading this section in my latest book, a biography, on Ozzy Osbourne. I read his wife's book a couple of years ago and laughed like heck. This one ... is no different.

Ozzy is going on about his drug, liquor induced, crazy escapades and throws in this ...

"Another one of my favourite tricks at Outlands Cottage (a house he owned) was to shave off people's eyebrows while they were asleep. Believe me, there's nothing funnier than a bloke with no eyebrows. (a true statement no?) People don't realize that your eyebrows provide most of your facial expressions, so when they're gone, it's hard to show concern or surprise or any of those other basic human emotions. But it takes people a while to realize what's wrong. At first, they just look in the mirror and think, Christ, I look like sh#t today. One guy I did it to ended up going to see his doctor, 'cos he couldn't work out what the f&ck was up."

Now that would be seriously funny. He adds this ~

"I went through a period of giving the eyebrow treatment to everyone: agents, mangers, roadies, assistants, friends, friends-of-friends. Whenever someone turned up to a management meeting with a face that didn't look quiet right, you knew they'd spend the weekend at my house."

Oooh that's bad.

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I'm one of those people that notice eyebrows. Maybe it's because I freak out over mine.