Friday, April 2, 2010


The ride into the city on the train was just chock FULL of excitement.

You would have never known it was Good Friday.

Did I mention the excitement?

The line into the convention was loooooooong. I saw a few parents that had the same bored look in their eye (I hope I looked a little more excited than they did!). It was interesting to see this role playing take place around me. One person behind me reached through us all and tapped someone on the other side (picture us among a maze of ropes, ropes that weave you back and forth until you get to the front) who turned around ... called the other person by their "role" name and proceeded to have the weirdest conversation you could imagine. Then it would end. And they'd step back into line ... eventually we'd move forward a little bit. It took me a few seconds to catch on that they really didn't "know" each other.

I got my boy hooked up with his weekend ID. (pssst. he really didn't need me but I wasn't about to wait by myself)

Before you could say tiddlywinks my kids were gone. Cell phones charged. Money in their pockets. Buh-bye.

My friend and I (a mom of my daughter's friend) sat on the bench in this giant expensive mall and watched hundreds of different people walk by, in various sorts of costumes. Such as ...

Boulder-like man guy carrying a big weapon.
Orange Mouse Thing
Glamorous Geisha
Guys dressed up as female characters - I saw one guy completely pull it off, he had the matching dress, tights, hat and shoes, fit to a T, others were large fat boys in mini skirts and horrible fake wigs.
Hello Kitty
Giant Mouse carrying a Machine Gun

I got no pictures of any of it this year. I was going to lie and say I forgot my camera but honestly? I just wasn't in the mood. I did get a cell phone picture of my kids in their costume but that was. it. sorry.

I spent the rest of the time eating overpriced food and looking at the prices on items that I will never, ever own. The train ride home? Looooooooooooooooooooooooong.

The end.

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