Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Even Close

There won't be any Sunday Stealing today. I'm too dang tired to even think about answering a bunch of questions.

Things I did this weekend ~

  • Lots of raking.
  • Lots of picking up sticks.
  • Hardly any laundry (someone else did it for me).
  • Chased a ball around with my pre-schooler.
  • Drew funny faces on the driveway.
  • Breathed in lots of dried up grass.
  • Had the nerve to borrow the neighbors lawn mower.
  • In pristine condition mind you.
  • Cut my hayfield. Note: Mower was no self-propelled.
  • Wah.
  • Had to thoroughly clean pristine lawnmower before returning it to said neighbor.
  • Started to get the deck set up for SPRING.
I am so excited to see new life growing in the yard. It gives me hope and I need some of that right now.

1 comment:

Sassy said...

You having hope gives me hope as well. Yay for spring!