Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Friday!

What a loooooong and did I mention long week? Whew!
Today I took my oldest girl to the dermatologist. We are back trying to figure out why she has hair loss. After answering many questions and having to leave the room do the doctor could ask my girl a question "in private" we have determined the following:
  1. She is not taking any supplements that are causing hair loss.
  2. She has very bad acne.
  3. She did have the flu earlier this year, which might be the cause of the hair loss.
  4. Except she has been experience the hair loss for over a period of years
We left with a brown bag of moisturizer. A prescription for three months of antibiotics (for the acne), a prescription for Retin A and notes to purchase Cetaphil Cleanser.

We also stopped at the lab. My girl left behind five vials of blood for them to test further. We go back in six weeks.

On the ride home my daughter came right out with the "question" that the doctor asked when I left the room.

"She asked me if I was on birth control" ~my girl tells me this an in indignant voice~
"I figured as much."
"I'm not interested in boys, I already told you that."
"I know that, but they don't know that, most girls your age could very well be."
"That's not me" ~there might have been some huffing~

I don't think she could be more opposite of how I was at her age. That's a good thing.

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