Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My brain that is. I am finding that this week, focus is fleeting.

A dear friend of mine suggested that I need therapy for myself and my laptop. I have to say that I completely agree. It betrayed me you see. By it's crashing for no good reason. Taking with it every bit of my sanity. I loved having it by my side. Occasionally checking email, surfing blogs, SIMS, researching, writing. I had no idea how reliant I was on it. It's been gone for what seems like AGES. (and yes, I am being dramatic, what of it?) I find myself wondering ... and wondering ... what in the heck is taking so looooooooong. I know the answer to that, SNAIL MAIL FROM CALIFORNIA. Geeze.

Actually I wonder if my files are really there. If my pictures are really there. I have been told 50 gig was recovered (and it is estimated 50 gig is what I had used) Then I wonder if I can ever get my files and such back in order, the way I had them before. I know, it just won't be the same. And no matter how long it trudges on with it's new hard drive, I won't save anything significant on it.

Not anymore. Not any computer. Evah.

So there's that kickin' around. Then there is work. Which I "in my heart of hearts" could just pour right out here for you all to read and comment on, I could use guidance, advice, sympathy, something ... but .... ~waves to boss~ .... just like my laptop computer I will never, ever trust that ... I mean ... be entirely convinced that he hasn't found out where I'm blogging, somehow and is reading everything I write, even now. So I can't.

Another tale of woe here is mysterious itch I've had for weeks and weeks. It started behind my knees. It itches at the back of my scalp. And its now itching at the back of my left thigh and between my shoulder blades. I cannot see what is itching me. Believe me I have tried. Sometimes it doesn't bother me and other times I could rub on anything and everything trying to scratch it. I think diet? Laundry soap? stress?

Weird, I know.

Thankfully it's Wednesday. Only two more days to go and then the weekend.
More painting!

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Sassy said...

It's stress!

Maybe your computer is voodooing you...