Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Mixed Bag

My ramblings, in no particular order.

I just got word, third hand even, that our new tenants are expecting TWINS. I did not hear the news from them but I confirmed it with my friend, who recommended them as reliable renters.

~gulp~ my first thought was that it was impossible to be true because I know for a fact that the guy, who was married previously, had that taken care of. If you know what I mean. He divorced, met his new wife online, moved overseas, leaving two kids behind and an ex-wife who was happy that there would be no more children.

I will mention here, that picturing her annoyed at this new turn of events, makes me smile.

As it turns out, a quick text to my friend of "is ~insert made up name here~ pregnant with twins? weird question I know."

Yielded this reply "yes, they extracted his sperm and she did ivf. two eggs took. i am really happy for her ..."

Course, as luck would have it, I met her in the hallway just now. I'm pretty sure that they only just found out and aren't telling everyone yet. So I managed to choke out how guests can use the driveway instead of parking on the street. LIKE THAT WASN'T AWKWARD. Could I of asked how she was? said it was good to see her? Oh hell no. I'm thinking HOLY CRAP TWO BABIES and I'm talking about logistics with vehicles.


I just got a notice today, addressed to the parent's of "oldest daughter". It was to inform me that my girl was identified by her scores on the preliminary scholastic achievement tests taken this year and, as a student with the potential to be successful in an Advanced Placement course. There are ten courses offered and I believe they receive college credit for them. Now, of course, the informational parent meeting is on Monday night, when I am WORKING.

So that's annoying. Now I have to call the school and see if I can get the information so we can sit down and discuss whether or not this is something she wants to do. I asked her about it and her first questions was, "what classes".

Course I was extremely excited by the whole thing. Oh wait, it's not about me, darn.


While all this excited acedemicness (that is too a word) is happening for one child, my son is also in the process of picking his class for his first year of high school. THINK SEPTEMBER. I just took the detailed book (which, btw, gave me a nasty paper cut) of classes and not only am I looking at the AP classes but I'm seeing what type of classes my son has already been assigned. He can choose from twelve different electives and appears to be in no hurry to do anything with it. I find that annoying.

Hold on while I look for a band-aid.

An end of an era (so to speak) is happening at work. One of the guy's in my management team has resigned and tomorrow is his last day. (note: the "resigned" part caused a great deal of friction with my boss and the owner of the company, so it's been a long,crappy,two weeks) While I'm very excited for his advancement, I'm sad to see him go. Part of me thinks that sadness has to do with wishing it was me that was going. I know now isn't my time. I need to stay put, ride the tide. So that sucks.

But life goes on. There is a potential new guy on the horizon. We will interview him next week. This too shall pass.

We got an invite, by we - I mean myself and my youngest, to go rollerskating. Now, don't get me wrong here, I love, love, love, love, oh and love, rollerskating. It's my THANG. However, my oldest girl and my son? Not their things. And over the years there have been skate parties and what should be fun is "dreaded". I will say that my oldest has finally gotten the hang of it and can get around the rink without falling. My son? Let's just say it's a train wreck, into walls, people, etc.

But this is for my youngest. Who is THREE. I'm thinking this just screams oh HELL no. And I wonder if that is because I just don't want to deal with her falling all over the place and getting frustrated (and taking me down with her) or if I just have already decided I don't need the aggravation. I'm going to counter offer with a suggestion of a local eatery and a home playdate anyway.

And see how it goes.

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Sassy said...

Wow. A lot going on! I'll go skating with you! But I'd probably skate like your son. Is that okay? lol