Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lunch Date

Hello Saturday!!!!

It's 9 AM and here I am. A load of laundry washing. A tall glass of water in front of me. And I cannot pry myself away from the computer. I do realize this is because I have no easy access to any computer in this house (the nerve of everyone! A bunch of computer hogs is what they are!) except in the early morning hours.

So here I am. Reading and re-reading Facebook Stats. Catching up on new blog entries at the places I can find using my feeble memory. (reminding me of yet another thing I lost with my hard drive crash, bookmarked blog sites) At some point I will have to get going on my day.

Today's plans are:
  • Lunch, by myself (as in no children are coming along), with a friend from grade school.
  • Shopping at Patriot Place with said friend. (think window shopping)
  • Getting a decent coat of paint on the living room walls.
  • Dinner at my youngest daughters friend's house, we are doing the make-your-own-pizza type thing.

Not alot but enough that the day will fly by. This much I know.

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