Monday, February 22, 2010

Jealousy? Seriously?

So the first order of business here and not at all related to the title of this post is this .... At first I had one follower, then two for the longest time and now, today, a THIRD.

I haven't checked to see who you are, but you ROCK and thanks for wanting to follow me. I hope you aren't disappointed!

Now, onto my post topic!

It has to do with my teenager. My oldest girl. Flashback to her 3-year old self. She was clingy and cried alot when she was young. Shy mostly and had a heck of a time separating from me. I think that changed at some point but I can't even recall when ... Needless to say she has grown up in spite of my best efforts to keep her a kid. She is almost sixteen. (less than two weeks, she has the birthday and it will be official, kill me. now.) She is one of the lights of my life. I'm inspired by her independent thinking. (not being one to follow a crowd myself) She is not defined by style or by being popular. She has also told me countless times she has no interest in boys right now. And to quote her "she has far too many things she wants to do with her life right now to be hung up on THAT."

Go ahead applaud. She is probably that one-in-a-million teen who doesn't want a boyfriend.

It's foreign to me. Very foreign. When I was her age (oh HUSH, I'm old now, I can use that statement) all I could think about was boys. There was always one I was after. It was far more interesting than Math and Science, fah SUAH. I don't get into it with her. She doesn't need to know her mother was a High School slut.

She probably wouldn't even believe it if I told her. But I didn't have the best reputation. I blame it on being naive. (hey, I have to blame it on something) I mean who knew that football players talked about scoring even when THEY DIDN'T.

Alright, not my point ...

So my daughter has a group of friends. It consisted of four girls and two boys. We would host lots of Wii and X-box parties here and everyone would have tons of fun.

Then one of the boys, asked one of the girls out (not my daughter). And the first couple was born. Personally, it screams MISTAKE to me. It's all well and good now, but if they break up. There will be some lines drawn in the sand and it there will be no more friendship. Us adults know the statistics on that one.

Well this particular couple has lasted almost a year together. I should point out here, that I felt it should have been MY DAUGHTER and not this other friend who ended up with the boy. But my girl, knows what she wants.

And it wasn't him.

Just this weekend, I got a text from one of the Mom's of the girls in our group (yes, all the Mom's are friends too, sickening isn't it?) and she was just SO EXCITED. It would seem that the other boy, chose her daughter and asked her out.

Course the girl said yes. This one bothered me more. Heck, it STILL bothers me. I think because this boy, had a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS crush on my daughter for the longest time. And my daughter was telling me just recently that school friends were saying that the two of them should just "be together already".

My daughter is still holding fast to the "no boys right now" mantra but it's me, here, thinking to myself, here is this smart, tall (5'10"), thin, long haired brunette with gorgeous deep brown eyes, super artistic and a bubbly personality so WHY IN THE HECK are there no boys asking her out?

I know I can't answer that. Just like I have to cork the green with envy feeling I have when I talk to this other Mom who is OVER THE EFFEN TOP about her girl being asked out by this boy.

I just want it for my girl too. Even though she doesn't want it for herself. Can I just be happy her heart is still in tack?

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Sassy said...

My niece is 16. She spent a lot of time with me until she got a boyfriend! But what the heck can I do. I was all about a boy at that age, I'm glad to see your beautiful daughter is about more than some stinkin' boy! lol